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There’s a million reasons WHY and a million reasons HOW you can #WearRed during the month filled with love! Did you know that February is recognized by the American Heart Association as “Heart Month”? February 1st, (Heart Day) starts the kick off to bring awareness to Cardiovascular Disease, which is the leading cause among women. Now though February 23rd, you can make a donation at your local CVS Pharmacy to help support research to end Heart Disease.

Not to mention, February is Filled with events! For me, February is quickly filling up with fashion & blogger events, band gigs, agency shoots, and of course…Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not so keen on rocking the red in your typical daily life, now is the time to do it! Here are my favorite ways to pop the red:

Red Purses

I firmly believe that red looks fantastic on every woman.

Red Purses

Let red be your wardrobe pop of color this month! A bright red bag is a quick way to brighten up your wardrobe without even having to think about it.

I can fit 2 pairs of heels in this bag

You won’t believe the price of this bag.
And, it comes in 3 other colors!
Yes…I’m a sucker for Kate Spade

Red Shoes

These have a cheetah print bottom!!
And they’re completely my favorite…
These are practically pairable in every way
What if I told you these are only $15?

Red Blazers & Jackets

Love the gold buttons on this one!
This one is available in regular and petite
This one is so fluffy!

Red Dresses!

This red sweater dress is literally perfection.
This one is so classic! I love the subtle shine.
Make no apologies in this sheer goddess gown

Red Lip

Red Velvet Lime Crime

Lime Crime liquid lip color is my absolute favorite lip collection. I may not have close to every color…

It lasts SO long and it doesn’t move! Not to mention, the colors are extremely vivid, and stay bold for hours! If you’re looking for the perfect red lip, I highly recommend Red Velvet.

Want to jump in on the fun? Click here for upcoming events in Milwaukee, and here for the full show line up of my band, Down 2 Dance.

Shoutout to Omniverse Media for these awesome studio shots!

I’ve always said NYC is the fashion show that never ends. Radiant street style is abundant everywhere you look, outlined by the most beautiful city skyline. With so much to see and do, I wanted to be sure my energy was spent exploring, and not having to think so hard about what to wear. I made sure to bring some #nycvibes back home to Milwaukee. Here are my top 4 NYC Staple Pieces. Interested in an item? Just click the photo to be directed to the style!!

1.) Classy Turtleneck

69th floor of  Rockefeller Center. Definitely go here the next time you’re in NYC instead of the Empire State Building, to get a great view of the Empire State Building.🙃

I have to be honest. I loved this top so much that I went back and bought it in green. Hear that everyone?? The turtleneck is BACK and here to stay! Easily style this top with a pair of jeans, paper bag pants, ankle pants, high waisted shorts…Yes, practically any bottom will compliment this top. Versatile in all seasons, this top easily constitutes itself as a #staple. I will admit, I was also tempted to buy it in burgundy, because that would have looked bomb with burgundy lipstick. Darn it. Actually, I still might do it.

2.) Vintage Silk Blouse

I have been on the market for a silky maroon blouse for a LONG time, and I finally found the PERFECT ONE. The color of this top is so rich looking. The fabric is super light, and has this subtly sophisticated shine to it. It is soooo comfortable and the fabric magically seems to fall perfectly no matter what. For me, when it comes to staple pieces that are going to be in my wardrobe for a while, they must be versatile. Dress this top up with a black pencil skirt and heels, or tuck it into some distressed denim and ankle boots for a classy n’ chill vibe.

3.) Classic Pencil Dress

Click photo for details on the Kate Spade purse 💄

The classic black cocktail dress is the epitome of “Staple Piece”.  Black cocktail dresses will never go out of style, and can be worn with pretty much any type of coat or jacket. This makes them perfect for Runway Auditions, or Comp Card Photo Shoots! Plus, they are great to be worn all year round. Because I wear them so often, I am sure to replace them every couple years or so as color tends to fade. Make sure your black dresses are still black. If your black cocktail dresses aren’t looking so crisp, it may be time for an upgrade! I found this dress in NYC at a boutique called Strawberry. Their prices are amazing, but they don’t have an online store!! I’ve linked a similar option in the first two photos of this dress to a comparable dress from Nordstrom. I’m thinking of posting a blog about a variety ways to style a simple black dress…let me know what you think!!

4.) Vanilla Wafer Coat

CONFESSION TIME: I am having a hard time NOT wearing this coat every day!! It’s surprisingly warm for being a wool blend/cotton coat. The color is perfect for both fall and spring–making it a worthy wardrobe investment.

And to be honest, it compliments a diminishing tan quite nicely. 😅 My favorite cashmere scarf adds to the perfect winning combo. (And it’s only $39!!) ALSO…THE LEGNTH IS PERFECT. I’m just barely 5″6, and the hemline falls right at the low hip in the most flattering way possible. The best part? This isn’t one of those jackets where you can’t move your arms in it. You get full access to your arms, and get to stay cute and warm at the same time. 💄

Heading to NYC soon? Be sure to check out Top Travel Essentials: NYC Edition for more tips on what to pack in the big apple🍎

Have any questions or want to leave a style tip? Leave a comment below! I always respond 🙂


Attention to detail is an absolute MUST when it comes to modeling auditions. Although there may not be a specific “dress code” stated on the audition post, your agent will generally require you to arrive in Agency-Standard Runway Attire. You will look professional and experienced. Better yet, you won’t have to think so hard about what to wear to your next modeling audition. We’re going to break down what Standard Runway Attire is for Men, Women, and kids.

In short, Standard Runway Attire is defined as an all black, form fitting outfit. Not only will this give you a professional edge, it will help the clients pay attention to your stage presence, confidence, and walk without getting distracted by a complicated outfit. You will want to wear something that is comfortable that showcases your shape and size.


Solid black leggings and a cami work perfectly for a runway audition. If you plan on auditioning for multiple shows a year, I highly suggest investing in some excellent quality leggings that are comfortable, move with you, and are never sheer in places that you do not intend them to be. My favorite are these Lux Flow Crop Leggings.

Ready for the Runway Dress.❤️Was $45. Buy it now for $27 by clicking the photo.

Runway Shoes:

A common mistake many inexperienced models make is wearing high heels that do not fit well, or are simply too uncomfortable to wear. The goal is to have a confident walk, so a major confidence-killer can be the wrong pair of shoes. I recommend wearing a classic black pump, 3″-5″ inches high, if you are just starting out.

Tip: Closed heel and closed toe will give you added stability. I usually opt for a classic black pump for runway auditions: 


Keep it natural. Clients like to see the length and overall health and color of your hair. Wear it down, or half up/half down (to keep it out of your face) and do not over style it with a bunch of hair products. To tame unintended frizz or flyaways, I always recommend this weightless silkening oil. I actually use this silkening oil every day. (It also speeds up drying time) One drop is all you need for all of your hair. Solid investment for runway auditions and photo shoots:


JUST. DON’T. Leave statement necklaces, large hair pieces, and sparkly bracelets at home. The focus should solely be on your stage presence and walk. The last thing you want to do is DISTRACT the clients with your shiny accessories. I encourage talent to take navel rings out, and all facial jewelry larger than a single stud.


I have not forgotten about you! However, you guys have it pretty simple:


Kids can wear an age appropriate, all black wardrobe as described above. Please, PLEASE make sure kids are dressing for their age, and that they are not wearing any make up. (This is NOT a pageant audition!)

Runway shoes for kids

Girls 12 & under should wear dress shoes that are either flat or have a tiny, “kitten” heel. We do NOT want to see 10 year olds in heels. These shoes should be closed toe and closed heel. Avoid dress shoes that are wedges, and absolutely no sandals or flip flops!!

Boys 12 & under are good to go with a dress shoe that matches their belt and compliments their outfit.


Your runway attire is not complete without your modeling materials. You should bring your modeling portfolio to every audition, or at the very least, your comp card or a printed out full-length photo of yourself.  Showing up to a runway audition without a photo of yourself gives the appearance that you do not care about being selected. You are unlikely to be remembered if you do not bring a photo to be remembered by! Be sure that you also have your up to date measurements to list for the client.

Still have questions? No worries–I am here to help! Drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to follow up ASAP! 🙃

There is no place like New York City. The people. The music. The shopping…oh, but that HUSTLE, THOUGH…In New York City, you work hard enough, so you can afford to be a little extra. Okay, alotta extra…

Read till the end to find out what my MOST IMPORTANT SECRET ESSENTIAL ITEM IS… If you know me, you might already know 🙂 I’ll also be listing my Blogger Essentials!!

Cocktail Dresses

The first time I went to NYC was actually a college choir trip, where we sang at Carnegie Hall! My best friend and I lived NYC night life like locals…and still somehow managed to make it to 9am rehearsals the next morning😅

Anyway…I was SO GLAD I packed MULTIPLE cocktail dresses. Simply put, nightlife in a city that never sleeps is invigorating, and you never know what party you’ll end up at. One of my go to cocktail dresses is this super form-flattering dress. I’ve had it for two years but it still looks and feels brand new. #newyorkproof

City Chic Chill Pants & Shorts


Paper bag pants or shorts (depending on weather) are the epitome of current street style.  Paired with the perfect fall basic top, they will be perfect for strolling through Central Park or blogging at a nearby coffee shop. Daytime is going to be pretty relaxing and low key, as the majority of my energy is going to be spent at night…



If you’re a woman traveling to NYC, prepare to bring almost every type of shoe:

Boots : City Shopping and exploring. (These Steve Madden Brinkley Boots pair perfectly with jeans and a bubble sleeve top.)

Sneaks: Gray plaid canvas flats like these or these are stylish and perfect for morning brunch!

Heels: A classy pair of black heels with a touch of gold…Rooftop parties & Cocktail-bar ready

Comfy athletic shoes for all that walking.

Toasty Things:

Cashmere scarves that double as wearable blankets. Go from sexy chic to totally toasty with a simple scarf adjustment. My go to scarf is this beige cashmere scarf that goes with everything.

Beige Trench Coat–Repel the rain without looking like a tourist in a clear garbage bag.

Cashmere hand gloves–perfect for extended periods of being outside, and navigating the subway.

Brown/neutral long cardigan–throw it over practically anything for added warmth.

Leg Warmers!! (No explanation needed)

Makeup Bag:

Okay, I could honestly do a separate blog post on everything that’s in my makeup bag, but here are the key products:

Skin Care:


Actual Make Up:

I will be sure to bring The best purple shampoo and conditioner (I’m blond…let’s keep it that way.) And while we’re at it, Batiste Blond Dry Shampoo for Blonds is perfect for in between washes, or to just add volume. To tame frizz and to add extra silk and shine, I’m packing my favorite silkening oil. I’ll also use this hairspray during the day, (perfect touchable hold, and smells amazing) and this one if I’m going out dancing!

My signature scent: Kate Spade: Walk on Air


Sunglasses: I’m a sucker for cheap sunglasses. When I break or lose them, I don’t feel bad.

Jewelry: Just bringing a couple of simple pieces to wear with everything. Whether I’m casual or dressy, I will wear a gold Kate Spade bracelet almost every day. Speaking of Kate Spade…

Messenger Bags!!: There is no other perfect bag for New York City than a Kate Spade messenger bag. The size and subtle sophistication of a bag like this or this make them chic and pick pocket proof!

Well, almost…watch your purses, people!

Blogger Essentials:

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camera is what Bryan uses to capture all of our images. The lens that the camera came with is capable of 4K video, and is functions well in low light. The Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III USM telephoto zoom lens is perfect for quick, crips focus for close up portrait style images.

Macbook Pro is an important part of this balanced breakfast: Large file downloads and uploads are no match for its processing capability. With 128GB of storage,  it comes with Final Cut Pro for free, and GarageBand (for music production) is also available as a  free download. The  Glitter Case was the best $20 ever spent!

Pink Anker Phone Battery Charger

Anker Bluetooth Speaker (Soundcore sport xl)      

Business Cards (I am a talent scout, no matter where I am!)

Okay, so let’s see if any of you guessed it. The MOST IMPORTANT ESSENTIAL ITEM for me to bring when traveling is…

My PINK UKULELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get SO inspired to write songs every time I travel. My ukulele is portable and provides me all the harmonic support (and emotional support) I need to write songs…or serenade complete strangers. 😀 If you’ve ever thought about playing ukulele but don’t know if it’s something you’ll stick with, I recommend buying this one. It was about $35 and mine is going on 4 years old and still works great. Plus, the tuners on the back are little baby dolphins!!

Did you guess my secret essential item? Do you also play the ukulele? Let me know if you have an item that you simply CANNOT travel without in the comments below!