So let’s be honest—this is the third time I’ve been to San Fran and yet—this is the first blog post I’m actually writing about the golden city. I’m currently writing this on the plane ride from Denver to San Fran. 

ADHD MOMENT: Check our this cool storm cloud photo I got over Denver just after take off:

Moving on…

I have a tendency to put the “pro” in “procrastination”, when it comes to things like travel blogs … My travel blogs tend to turn into a recap of all the off script things I end up getting into by luck, Chance, or fate…and written about a month after the fact. If you read the one about our recent trip to Kauai: How Kauai Changed My Life , then you know EXACTLY what I mean.😅

I tend to live in the ever-changing moment (which, makes planning travel blogs practically impossible…which is where Instagram Stories come to save the day)

Oh Instagram stories: where rapidly changing plans can be documented in chronological order in a way that is cohesive and makes sense.

Click here to see the Instagram story!

Well, mostly…

We’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadaro agaian–and I’m super stoked because it’s the best hotel I’ve ever been to. However, I don’t plan on spending TOO much time in the hotel…I’ve got other plans.

Or something.

I actually have no idea what I’m going to do on this trip–but I do know one thing: I get to see my San Fran bestie, Bohdan!

While my love, Bryan, is off being responsible and getting educated at his software developers’ engineering conference, god knows what Bohdan and I will get ourselves into this week.

Now, Bohdan may be well known for his insanely amazing musical covers, but he’s also freaking hilarious and creatively brilliant: he started a mini Instagram series of “Adventures with Katya”.

I CANNOT get enough of the feisty, Russian female immigrant with a strong sense of sarcasm (and love for Vodka) played by the one and only Bohdan. 

Katya  may have a full mustache—but don’t let this detail fool you: she is completely charming with her clueless tendencies and witty, defensive-comebacks that I’m sure you’ll find to be quite endearing.

Or disturbing…

But of course, that’s what makes it so wonderful!

Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to act in one of Katya’s adventures. Maybe Bohdan and I will pull off another Lady Gaga cover…


Have any song cover suggestions? We’d love to hear them! In the mean time, check out Bohdan’s Instagram page. You’ll love his brilliant voice and hilarious skit writing!!

Check out this throwback from 2017 of Bohdan and I jamming out to some of our favorite pop songs just before someone called the cops on us: 

And yes…

Like always:


Plus, San Fran cops are actually really kind and understanding. 💕💕