Maybe I’ve seen you decked out in cheetah print at State Fair with my band Totally Neon, doing high kicks together at the foot of the stage. If so, you’ve seen me get my tentacles twisted in strange props while trying to make phone calls to Blondie on my transparent, totally-not-functional telephone to absolutely no avail. (Also, I found a family of spiders living inside of it. YUM.)


Maybe we screamed our lungs out together singing BORN THIS WAY at PrideFest in my Lady Gaga Tribute Act. You were losing your voice, I was losing my wig, but together we were hanging on a moment better known as the Edge of Glory!

And now we’re HERE! Welcome to my most intimate space–where the wig comes off and the neon lights fade into the warm glow of a single spotlight on my original music. So many of my journal entries have taken shape into power anthems, blues-infused pop tunes & outlaw rebel-rock bangers bound to get us shuffling to the song of leveling up our standards. I can’t wait for you to sing these with me LIVE!

Until then–Roll down those windows and make no apologies belting these songs out on the highway!

Pre Order info for my second studio album, Heart of Steel will be coming fall 2022!💋

Listen to my debut album, Play With Fire