In today’s digital age of bustling notifications and likes, it’s easy to be caught up in the never ending feed of events, gatherings, and opportunities which seem to be abundant all around us. It has never been easier to invite people to “like” your Facebook page dedicated to your online Origami Alpaca business, or to create an event and send out a mass invite to all your friends to get together for Charlie Chinchilla’s First Birthday…

Insta made and Insta broken, plans pop up all around us and we instantly commit to all of them and none of them at the same time…And yet, there is a high probability that our destiny may default to a game of perpetual Netflix & Chill.

More than ever, the simple asset of being reliable has increased in value. This does not mean that you should always have a loaded calendar of events at all times and attend every single one. It actually means the exact opposite: You must learn to become self aware of the commitments you make. Make fewer commitments, and honor the commitments you have made. I promise you, this will lead to increased personal satisfaction and success. It will bring you closer to your real friends, real interests, and real purpose. You will be regarded as a RELIABLE person–and guess what:



Take The Agency Perspective:

I will often hire newly signed talent for entry level promotional or spokes modeling positions. While some of the people I hire do not take the job seriously because it simply does not pay much, the wise talent utilize the opportunity to hone their social con

fidence, communication,  and sales skills. If they are reliable, have great follow up and communication, and do a great job, they automatically become memorable for all of the right reasons. The next time I have a promotional event that pays $35 an hour, these are the people I will offer the position to first.

Being an Agency Talent (or successful freelancer) requires a heightened level of personal responsibility. There are many reasons clients choose to scout talent from an agency: they expect professionalism in all senses.  Consistency is imperative. Continue to value all opportunities, no matter how big or how small. Committing to an event and then backing out at the last minute can make the person who invited (or hired) you not only view you as unreliable, but can also make them feel as though you do not value the event or opportunity they have offered you…which isn’t exactly the best way for you to be remembered.

In any competitive industry, be sure that you stand out for the RIGHT reasons. A great way to start is to have a keen sense of personal responsibility right from the start.


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