photo shoot


Whether you are dreading the process or counting down the hours until your Senior Portrait Photo Shoot, here are THREE ESSENTIAL THINGS  to consider before you step in front of the lens.

Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff when I was a high school senior??

Tip #1:

Have a classic approach to fashion. Keep patterns to a minimum and embrace solid, natural colors that compliment your hair and skin tone. Keep make up and hair style simple.

Do Not:

Wear anything super trendy. Pinstripe paper bag pants may be the thing now…but what happens when they go the way of the Galaxy Legging? Same rule applies with make up and hair styling.

Tip #2:

Choose an outfit that compliments the venue of the photo shoot, and pose/move the way you naturally would in that outfit. Do not make yourself look out of place by choosing an outfit that just doesn’t match your surroundings. Same rule applies with make up.

Do Not:

Wear a club dress and pose timidly up against a tree in an open park….Do not make yourself look out of place by choosing an outfit that just doesn’t match your surroundings. 

Tip #3:

Practice posing and moving in the outfit you plan to wear ahead of time. You’re probably going to hire a photographer who is used to taking senior photos. However, if you practice your movement and posing ahead of time, you will make the life of the photographer much easier, and you will obtain more photos.  (The less time your photographer has to spend posing you, the more photos he/she will take.) Plus, when you move yourself, the photos will look more natural and believable.

Me, secretly wishing I had worn something like this in my senior photo, back in the day. Instead, I dressed like a rock star and posed alongside a creek. wth!😅#tbtfails


Rock your signature style. Do not go out and dye your hair a completely different color right before your senior photos. People want to remember the you that they went to class with 🙂