There is ONE accessory that fashion designers local, national, & international have agreed ALWAYS  flatters every body type and size… Modern and non gender-exclusive, everyone of all and ages and backgrounds can rock this look for some added VAMP.

When it comes to the modeling industry, or simply just wanting to look GREAT, there is one specific element that can tie the whole look together, or make the entire style look subpar. 

Without it, the look is nowhere near as vibrant or as stately as it could be. I HIGHLY recommend everyone go out and find this while it is still available…





Okay, you probably want to slap me now, and I get it. But SERIOUSLY THOUGH…. Confidence is THE one single thing you NEED in order to own ANY style. Think about it. Look at your favorite celebrities, musicians, or fashion icons. They often wear some of the most vibrant styles…and they do not walk around timidly with their head down.

Unapologetically rockin my mom’s prom dress from ’85💙

However, being confident is not only for celebrities. To be confident, you don’t have to be perfect, rich, gorgeous, or act like you have all the answers… In fact, nobody wants you to be perfect. Because…what even IS perfect? If you are striving to be someone else’s idea of “perfect”, you are not being yourself. We want you to be yourself so that you can embrace confidence freely, and exactly as you are. Plus, we want to capture it all on camera…

When it comes to fashion, the only way to WEAR confidence is by doing so UNAPOLOGETICALLY.  The unison of fashion and confidence is STYLE.  Remember that you have a powerful tool in your closet that requires no ironing or folding. And, can be worn in all seasons. Take your look up 10 notches by always wearing  CONFIDENCE as your main accessory.💄

Want more direct tips on how you can manifest more confidence over night? Check out: “Four Ways to Become More Confident OVERNIGHT”.

THIS IS FOR YOU, MY WISCO LADIES!!  Many times we’re left out in the cold (LITERALLY) when it comes to super cute fall fashion trends, simply because our “Fall” is approximately two seconds long, and then we roll right over into frozen-tundra mode. (Remember last year’s “off the shoulder jacket” thing? Yeah, exactly…I don’t either.)

Here are some realistically WARM ways you can stay on trend AND out of the cold:


Plaid is everywhere this season. What I love about plaid is the subtle sophistication it adds to practically any outfit. Usually I am wary of wearing a lot of pattern, but there is something about plaid that makes it simple enough to still remain neutral. Update a casual summer legging-and-crop-cami look to a fall boss babe vibe by adding a loose blazer. On trend, and warm.Tip: Add a pop of red to your lip when wearing neutrals. Want the color to last all day? Get the best red lip ever.


I am not even close to being ready to give up wearing skirts quite yet. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this look of the gray mini skirt paired with this Topshop crop top and  high rise boots. Keep an eye out for skirts with interesting texture, like leather or faux leather, velvet, and knitted pattern. 

Okay, and now for the one we’ve been waiting for:

3. Boots!!


High rise boots. Low rise boots. ALL THE BOOTS.

These Steve Madden suede boots from Nordstrom look super classy and pair perfectly with the skirt! There are so many things that I love about this pair of boots. First of all, I own so many pairs of boots that I never feel like wearing, simply because the heels on them are impractical for everyday tasks. I absolutely love these boots because I can easily run to Colectivo or the Public Market while not sacrificing comfort for elegance…they even have the pointed toe, which really gives them such a modern look. I usually don’t wear pointed toe very often, simply because they are usually less comfortable, but these boots are definitely an exception!! Not to mention, the suede is SO SOFT.

Other boots that are on my radar are the ones with the side cut out, and ones with animal print!a

4. Big Sleeves and Bubble Sleeves


The puff sleeve was big and bold all over the runways at NYFW 2018, so it was reassuring to know that this subtly dramatic look isn’t going away any time soon. Tops like these take a pair of jeans to a whole new level.  Tuck the shirt in more tightly in the front than in the back. Add a simple belt to add a touch of elegance and to define your waist. My favorite part about this look is how well it transitions easily from a day time look to an evening look. Just let your hair down, and you’re ready to go!

Have a favorite fall trend? I would love to hear about it! Leave me a note to let me know you were here <3