Life is short but your nails don’t have to be. (Unless you’re a musician…then you get a pass.) Anyway, my point is that while you are alive, you should do your part to help make the world suck slightly less.🤓

Here are some fresh ways you can creatively increase your vibe and the vibes around you:


Let me introduce you to the concept of LIT TALKING. You may have guessed that it is precisely the opposite of sh*t talking.

LIT Talking  refers to the concept of talking mad GOOD about someone behind their back. For example:


Feel free to choose from a list of other encouraging power adjectives:

  • Original
  • Vibrant
  • Confident
  • Empowering
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Stylish
  • Neo-Vintage
  • Inspiring
  • Refreshing
  • Powerful
  • Unapologetic

Instead of choosing to be shallow and judgmental, you can always choose to be compassionate and kind. I promise that you will feel proud of your newfound ability to outwardly express higher levels of empathy and emotional intelligence.

2. Complimenting the skills of your barista’s latte art

I have a beautiful leaf design in my Stone Creek Boston Latte, and my day is slightly better now after discovering my car got towed.


It’s funny how often we take the little things for granted without even realizing it. Pay attention to the small details, appreciate them, and acknowledge them.

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3. Being well tempered around government employees

Even after 10+ years in customer service (started working at McDonald’s at age 14, then Costco cashiering, then eyewear sales) my hat still goes off to our friends at the DMV, or more recently for me, the Milwaukee tow lot. Nobody likes going to these places, so the employees are so used to dealing with disgruntled people who are angry before they walk in the door. You will brighten up their whole day by simply being the happy person in a sea of impatient, borderline delinquents.😅

4. Letting people merge on the interstate

Or just all around not driving like an a**hole. You’re already late. You might as well call the person, tell them you’re going to be 20 minutes late, and proceed to turn up the music and car jam as you sit idly in traffic. Ya can’t change it, so find the best way to embrace it.  Plus, the surrounding vehicles may be entertained by your car dance moves.

Additional tip: I don’t block intersections, and I share the road with other drivers because I don’t suck. 

5. Smiling at people as you walk passed them

Especially if you are walking past another stylish lady. Even if it’s just a small, friendly closed lip smile, it is so refreshing to exchange positive energy and basic human acknowledgment with other people of the world. Extra points for giving a compliment! One of my favorite Jim Carey quotes is, “The effect you have on other people is the most valuable currency you have to offer.” This couldn’t be more true. 🙌 Here’s a reminder to choose compassion and empathy over judgment and jealousy.

Do you have another tip for being unconventionally kind? Drop it in the comments section below! Read next, 5 Secrets to Staying Positive.

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Confidence is often times the unsaid prerequisite to achieving practically ANYTHING. While putting in the time and hard work necessary to develop your skills is a MUST, you need to also realize that confidence will play a large role in determining your success. How? People who are genuinely confident believe in themselves. Specifically:

They believe in their vision and their ability to learn & work towards the things they are most passionate about. Because they believe in themselves, they are able to visualize their dreams, enabling them to chase them relentlessly, and without letting fear stopping them. Less confident, or unconfident people allow fear to get in the way of taking the initial steps towards their quiet, yet nagging dreams…Unfortunately, many people silence their dreams out of subliminal fear in favor of comfort.


Here are 4 ways you can become more confident…OVERNIGHT.

Make Mistakes

Yeappp. That’s right! It’s natural for people to be somewhat afraid of making mistakes. However, if your fear of making mistakes prevents you from putting yourself out there, then you are not making enough mistakes. You see, I look at “mistakes” like data. The more “data” I collect, the more awareness I have to make more informed, long term decisions. The more mistakes I make, the more I learn from them. The more I learn…the more confident I am in my new found knowledge! When you learn to find value your mistakes, you understand that they were necessary in order for you to grow. Which brings me to my next point:

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Embrace Kindness…To Yourself!!

Before we can even be kind to others, we must be KIND to ourselves. Sure, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves after making mistakes, but we must extract the value out of these mistakes and move forward more intelligently. BE PATIENT. Nothing happens overnight, no matter how much we will it to. Trust the process, enjoy the journey, and be kind to yourself while doing it. When you wake up, make your first thought of the day KIND to yourself: “I am awesome, I am capable, I am focused.” When you start your day with kind thoughts towards yourself, you set yourself up for kind words and actions towards others. 

Put Yourself Out There

Step out of that comfort zone any chance you get, and encourage others to do the same! We live in a word where people are always going to “judge” each other. Even though that is out of our control, we can simply decide that we value our own opinions of ourselves more than we value other people’s opinions of us.  Embody a style of confidence and kindness, which will empower yourself and others around you.

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Give Back

My favorite part about being a talent coach and agent is my platform to coach other people to become the most vivid version of themselves. Having the opportunity to watch people grow in positivity, while manifesting a better version of themselves is SO REWARDING. I am most confident when I am able to help others reach their potential.

Is there someone in your life who looks up to you? Think of ways you could do something meaningful to make a difference in their lives, and drop your ideas in the comments section below!