You just received word from your agency director about the massive hair and fashion shows taking in place in Chicago! After confirming your attendance, you were given all of the details of where to go, when the audition starts, and what to do if you are selected to model in the show. You have your modeling bag prepped and ready to go, and you can now officially say:


My favorite thing about hair show auditions in Chicago is the fact that I have yet another excuse to go to Chicago. For most of us Milwaukeeans, we somehow forget that Chicago is only about 90 miles away from us, and we honestly don’t even think to go there unless there is some kind of event taking place that we deem worthy of our time. And, okay–Milwaukee rocks, so, it’s hard to get us to leave Cream City.


It’s hair show time, and you know that this is a great opportunity to change up your hair, and model for top hair designers in a full fashion production with the city’s top makeup artists and designers. Chances are, you or one of your gal pals is going to be bringing in some major $$ for over the weekend. So let’s get into it:


CAR POOL WITH YOUR FRIENDS. (Or take the train with them, whatever)

Bring along your other model friends! This is a great way to boost each other’s confidence by supporting and encouraging each other along the way. You can divide the cost of gas (AND PARKING) amongst everyone. After auditions are over, you are automatically surrounded by your designated Chicago shopping buddies. Not up for shopping? Visit Navy Pier!! Go get some shaved ice and ride the damn ferris wheel–You deserve it!



Get jealous of your friend(s) that “made it”. You have NO idea what the clients are looking for. Maybe they already casted 4 blond girls and are now only looking for brunettes or red heads. Maybe they already have enough caucasians and are looking for ebony or asian models. Maybe they have plenty of size 2,4,6, and are now looking for 8,10,12, etc. Or, –even more likely–they already have a ton of models with long hair, and are now only seeking to cast short hair models for pixie cuts…and let’s be honest…Are you really willing to chop off your mid-back length hair for a show? Probably not. Bottom line: The clients will not tell you what they are looking for, and there is nothing you can do to control that. However, you can control the way you support and encourage your friends NO MATTER WHAT.


Show up EARLY.

Allow PLENTY OF TIME for navigation Especially if you are not used to driving in Chicago, or used to PARKING in Chicago, I really encourage you to show up far earlier than planned. Worst case scenario is you get there early, and are stuck in a beautiful city and a whole bunch of street art, vendors, and live music.

A more important fact:

The earlier you arrive, the more likely you are to get booked.

Clients cast based on how many slots they have left to fill for the show. The most slots are available right at the beginning, before anyone has even walked yet.


Show up towards the end, or just after the audition has concluded.

Most likely, the clients have already made most of their decisions and are now trying to narrow it down. Also, showing up late gives the impression that you have a tendency to be late. Don’t make them wonder if they may have to worry about you showing up late to the actual show…



A professional model ALWAYS knows their measurements. A model who is serious about getting booked for the job will bring their comp card, or at least a printed out, professional photo of themselves.


Wear comfortable shoes that you have walked in plenty of times before.

The competition is high. You will want to do everything in your power to ensure the maximum amount of confidence is present within yourself at the time of the audition. This starts with a pair of runways shoes that are tried and true. If you are a beginner, choose a MEDIUM heel height about 3 to 4 inches tall. Practice your smooth and fierce runway walk weeks before the audition.

TIP: Wear FLATS when walking around the city, and throw your heels on minutes before you walk. This will ensure that your walk is fresh and radiant, and not tired and uncomfortable looking.


Wear just ANY pair of heels…

Wear your uncomfortable sparkly prom shoes from Junior year, or those red avant garde dress shoes that you never wore for an interview that never happened, simply because you want to get a use out of them… You are NOT doing yourself a favor by doing this. Instead, invest in a solid pair of runway heels. Not wedges, not booties, or heeled boots. Go for a a classy black heel. Click here to view my go to runway heels!


Dress in a form fitting, all black outfit.

Wear something that shows off your shape. Plain black leggings and a plain black cami would be perfect. Remember, you’re not modeling yet, so keep your whole look simple, plain, and clean. What counts right now is your confident walk and your natural beauty.


Forget to clean up the details.

Do not wear jewelry of any kind. Do not have chipped nail polish, toenail polish, or super vibrant nails…go for a clear nail polish or classic neutral french-tip manicure. Details matter.


Be Professional, Patient, and Kind to EVERYONE YOU MEET.

Whether you are selected or not, it is always important to represent yourself, and your agency in the best light possible. Always greet people with a warm, friendly smile and make eye contact. Kindly interact with the other models, and be a helping hand if someone needs something zipped or pinned. Thank the clients them for their time, even if you were not selected.


Be that person.

Do not make loud sarcastic comments displaying your dissatisfaction with your experience with the clients, the process, the venue, etc. Do not be rude to other models, or cut in the audition line. Oh, and please don’t get into a fight with your mom, friend, or boyfriend while inside the venue.


Contact your agency director right away with any concerns.

It is so important to me that our agency talent participate in a variety of high quality experiences. If you experienced unprofessional behavior with the client or the venue staff, I always want to know about it ASAP. It is your agent’s job to follow up with a client regarding miscommunication, unclear directions, or overall lack of professionalism. Your agency director will make proper negotiations with the client directly, or in some cases, discontinue the agency relationship with a particular client. The success of any agency is based on team work. The more you communicate, the better off you  (and everyone in the agency) will be!


Let your agency director know ASAP. The billing process can take some time, so the sooner your agent is able to draft a booking confirmation for your work, the faster the processing time will be. Your agent will then send you a talent voucher for you to take with you to the show. Immediately following the show, be sure to complete your talent voucher and have a client’s representative sign it. Then, take a photo of it on your phone and email it to your agent.

Vouchers are not invoices. They serve as proof that you have successfully completed your work as a model. Have any photos from yourself in the show? Tag your agency’s Instagram when posting!

Have any questions about the process? Drop me a note below!!

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