First of all, let me just say that this post is not going to be about “looking at the bright side” or upping your levels of vitamin D. While I’m sure those things are a good idea, we are going to focus on 5 root causes in our mindset and environment that often block our ability to manifest a positive life. Here we go:

You can’t have a positive life if you are constantly surrounded by negativity.

You will quickly come to find how extremely difficult it is to maintain positivity, or frequency of genuine happiness in general if you are constantly subjected to negative energy from family, co-workers, friends, or media.

To briefly sum this up, if you can’t get away from negativity from certain family members, start to expand your circle of radiant people to inspire a positive outlook on life. And, be sure to limit the amount of negative media you take in on a daily basis. While I’m all about staying informed, it can be so easy to get caught up in negative news casts, blog stories, or pessimistic friends on social media, and this can take a toll on anyone’s mind. Rebalance the amount of negative and positive energy from external sources that you absorb on any given day. While you won’t be able to rid every frequence of negativity, you can start building a castle of good vibes and just draw the bridge up whenever negativity lurks…

Stop caring about things that don’t actually matter.

When I say “Caring” I specifically mean: Stop giving your time and attention away to things that are of trivial value, or completely lack meaning altogether. Take control of your life and be able to decide in a moment’s notice “Will I care about this in a week?” if the answer is NO, then it’s time to change the energy station in your mind to resonate your good vibes elsewhere.

Which brings me to my next point:

Stop having an emotional response to every minor discomfort or inconvenience.

AKA: Don’t complain…as much. Habits are a tough thing to break. Once we’re in the habit of complaining, we become the source of negative energy. If this happens, you’ll need to reset the energy station of your mind to resonate on a higher frequency.

Value your time.

Fill the time you have with things you like and enjoy. Do not be obligated out of guilt to attend that recital that you straight up don’t want to go to. Constantly attending events or gatherings that you are simply not interested in will cause you internal frustration and annoyance.

*Pulls up positive castle drawbridge”

“Thank you for the invite, I will not be able to make it this time” is a completely viable explanation, and you generally don’t owe a further explanation than that.

Know your worth & help others realize theirs.

Understand that you are a strong and capable human being, and with hard work, you can fill your life with even more meaning. Be aware and conscious of the energy you put out into the world in your day to day interactions. (Yes, that means driving on the highway, too!) We all have our ups and downs, good days and bad days. But with a strong  foundation, we become resilient to negativity when it strikes.

When you invest your positive energy back into the world, you build castles in people for years to come. 🙃

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  1. This is sooo true. Very motivational & inspirational! Love it! Keep up the good work girl!

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