There’s a million reasons WHY and a million reasons HOW you can #WearRed during the month filled with love! Did you know that February is recognized by the American Heart Association as “Heart Month”? February 1st, (Heart Day) starts the kick off to bring awareness to Cardiovascular Disease, which is the leading cause among women. Now though February 23rd, you can make a donation at your local CVS Pharmacy to help support research to end Heart Disease.

Not to mention, February is Filled with events! For me, February is quickly filling up with fashion & blogger events, band gigs, agency shoots, and of course…Valentine’s Day.

If you’re not so keen on rocking the red in your typical daily life, now is the time to do it! Here are my favorite ways to pop the red:

Red Purses

I firmly believe that red looks fantastic on every woman.

Red Purses

Let red be your wardrobe pop of color this month! A bright red bag is a quick way to brighten up your wardrobe without even having to think about it.

I can fit 2 pairs of heels in this bag

You won’t believe the price of this bag.
And, it comes in 3 other colors!
Yes…I’m a sucker for Kate Spade

Red Shoes

These have a cheetah print bottom!!
And they’re completely my favorite…
These are practically pairable in every way
What if I told you these are only $15?

Red Blazers & Jackets

Love the gold buttons on this one!
This one is available in regular and petite
This one is so fluffy!

Red Dresses!

This red sweater dress is literally perfection.
This one is so classic! I love the subtle shine.
Make no apologies in this sheer goddess gown

Red Lip

Red Velvet Lime Crime

Lime Crime liquid lip color is my absolute favorite lip collection. I may not have close to every color…

It lasts SO long and it doesn’t move! Not to mention, the colors are extremely vivid, and stay bold for hours! If you’re looking for the perfect red lip, I highly recommend Red Velvet.

Want to jump in on the fun? Click here for upcoming events in Milwaukee, and here for the full show line up of my band, Down 2 Dance.

Shoutout to Omniverse Media for these awesome studio shots!

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